Exercises at Your Workstation: Hands and Feet

The easy exercises below can help relieve tension and soreness. Take a few minutes each day to do them right at your desk. They'll loosen up your muscles, keep you more alert, and make a big difference in how you work and feel. Set an alarm on your smart phone or watch to help you remember to do the exercises.

For your wrists, hands, and fingers

Wrist stretch

  • With your hands in front of you, make gentle fists. Point your knuckles toward the floor and hold for a few seconds.

  • Straighten your fingers and point them down. Feel the stretch in your lower arms.

  • Slowly point your fingers up toward the ceiling. Hold for a few seconds.

  • Relax and gently shake your hands out.

  • Repeat all steps 3 times.

Three steps of man doing wrist stretch exercise.

Arm shake

  • While standing or sitting, drop your arms to your sides.

  • Gently shake out your arms and hands for a few seconds. Relax. Repeat 3 times.

For your ankles and feet

  • While sitting, slowly rotate one foot at the ankle, 3 times clockwise, then 3 times counterclockwise.

  • Rotate the other foot 3 times in each direction.

  • Relax and repeat 3 times with each foot.

  • This exercise can be done while standing on one foot. Make sure to support yourself for balance.

If you feel pain while performing these stretching exercises, please stop and consult your healthcare provider.

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